We met to discuss the event's schedule and logisitics and press.

Mary Craig invited Dr. Curtis Bonk to be a key note speaker. He said yes! Yay! He wrote the The World is open, very inspiring book chronicling a huge array of faculty using different tools to connect students to incredible projects. We are very excited.

We now need to make sure all project teams will appear and speak however briefly about their projects, whether it is a presentation or really to describe what the connection will look like. We also want the project teams to have some time during the hands-on session to convene about their various projects and figure out an approach for the rest of the year and so to be ready to present in the spring...WE NEED TO PICK A DATE.

Which presentations to speak?
For how long?
Logisitics to record event
Press to get word out to faculty and community.

1. Presentation Line up


8:00-8:30 Coffee clatch
8:30-9:00 Intro to Day, Introduce the Projects and the attached people
9:00-10:00 Dr. Curtis J. Bonk,http://travelinedman.blogspot.com/ http://worldisopen.com/
10:00-10:30 Guided Question to Project groups and Break
10:30-11:30 Project check in / Presentations
11:30-12:30 Project Meetings / Hands-on sessions to include Smart Board Recording/LiveScribe, Voicethread, Moodle/Angel, DocCamera, Flip video, Audacity, 2nd Life, Wikispaces, Pre-cursor to year-long and Summer Book Study

Resource / Book take away :
Brain-based Teaching in the Digital Age
The World is Open by Curtis Bonk

2. Logistics of Oct 2 Presentations in cafeteria or large auditoriumProject Team Signs Hands on sessions in 1 or 2 computer labs?

Equipment needed? WHO TO PROVIDE? Lets make small video clips of each presentation to stand on their own which will need a short intro of someone introducing who and what showing
2 cameras: presentation and person
audio: put the mp3 recorder, mike to be enforced for use in room: WHO TO PROVIDE?


Post updates in the WIKI
Sandy Frinton made a rough draft of a new press release
most recent version will be posted in Wiki, Friday Sept 17

See the Event invite in Facebook, we can add Curtis Bonk info
the blurb is as follows. 
I think the copy needs to change.

Please join us at a “Summit” to showcase innovative projects and uses of technology in teaching both at the high school and at the college level. Presentations include: Globalization 101, learning communities, service learning, technical equipment in instruction, and learning software applications.
http://www.youtube.com/wat ch?v=atrWyNrk0I4
Rondout Valley Central School District
8:30 am - 1:30 pm
Breakfast and Lunch included

RSVP to Michelle Donlon: WHO IS THE CONTACT? TIM or MICHELLE ???

Blue Stone> Frinton Marquette
Shawangunk > Tim Wade
Freeman> Michelle Donlon
Postcard: with URL to SUNY Ulster and to the Facebook and to Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atrWyNrk0I4
School Websites
Email to Community....please send Hope a copy

4. Projects Update
Check in with all our folks who are working on projects

- Presenter : 10 minutes
- Format of presentation
- Questions of interaction
- Visuals
- Description
- Submit presentation in advance
- What project is

- How project can be used (level, how, for whom) (transferability);
- What were the benefits of the collaboration do you recommend
- Emphasize how the technology as the tool not the end
- What curriculum is enhanced with the use of technology as applied to the project being discussed
- How are they assessing success
- Equipment, materials, technology, copy needs(presentation on wiki) for 10 minute and hands on piece

- Hands-on- need tech?