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Summit of Educational Practices

Join us to share expertise and tools with your colleagues
"None of us is as smart as all of us."

April 10, 2010

Opening Remarks
The point of the day is to:
- Set the seeds in motion to devise projects and partnerships with our closest neighbors
- Provide tools that each faculty member can walk away with and use immediately or be interested in pursuing

Rosario Agostaro, Superintendent of Rondout Schools
Don Katt, SUNY Ulster President
Hope's laptop
videos to set the stage:

"Digital Nation" clip(s)
John Ganio and Tim Wade introduce concept of partnering
introduce the Summer Campus tour
Next Steps...
0 mins 1. Distribute index cards
10 mins 2. Show clips
2 mins 3. Write Response to clips:
4. How I might use this?
What do you want to know more about?
4 mins 5. Pair/Share
8 mins 6. Discuss findings
7. Pick up the response cards
2 mins Show wikispace where responses will be posted
8. 9. Review responses on Wiki together at 12
hope laptop
Using a Course management tool (ANGEL or Blackboard or Moodle)
inside class use or outside of class use.

10- Tara Hyland
10- Justine Seksinsky
10- Ulster Library, Kari Mack, library resources within a course space
10- Jennifer Kaufman, article database
10- Tara Zacharzuk, interactive textbook connection
10- Laura Davis, developing own website
10- Chatainya Mistry, developing own tutoring aides with CMS and Live Scribe
Hope laptop
Using Tools for Learning:
Kurweil, Clickers,Google docs/, Captivate, Document Camera, Video

10 - Google docs: Ulster, Nicoline Kiwiet
10 - Second Life: Sherry Chisamore
10- Video: Ulster: Thomas D'Ammanciano
11am LAP TOP Switch
10- Kurzweil and disabled students:: Todd Zeff and Marguerite Wolf
10 - Clickers: Carol Brown
10- Document Camera: Christine Williams

Globalization 101
in relation to Regents(Rondout) and Other World Gen Ed course options(Ulster)

Richard Cattabiani,
James Sullivan,
Kyle's laptop
Dean Ganio and Michelle Donlon ReGroup and Wrap up and Next Steps
Raffle for two items: mp3 recorder and flip video camera
watch Social Media Revolution ..something to think about for next time.
1. Review responses on Wiki together at 12
2. Feedback from group
3. Review concept of partnering
4. Re-introduce the Summer Campus tour + hands-on how-to session
5. Concrete Next Steps...

Lunch with Table top discussions for content areas as well as Hands-on Boutique Grazing…

Librarians from Rondout:
Christopher Mooney (HS);
Christine Rinaldi (MS)

Walking Tour of various Rondout classroom set-ups and hands on training session

October 2 tentative
2nd meeting to recap and review, do training

1. Explorers, not much Tech experience
2. Intermediate, willing to try
3. Early Adopters, very comfortable with using new tools

Morning sessions*: various presentations to choose
Round table lunch: Department oriented or Birds of a feather
Afternoon sessions: Hands on workshops

  • Videotape / audiotape sessions